New Sparks for January

Creative Houston is designed to support people who are generating new ideas, inventing new things, and starting new projects. Houston doesn’t get enough credit as a creative city. Our creative professionals need more recognition and resources in order to thrive.

Theresa Quintanilla visiting
The Printing Museum

At Creative Houston, we keep track of our metro area’s creative people, places, and projects. We want to introduce them to the whole world. Please point us to your discoveries. And share our work with anyone who wants to know Houston better.

We are bootstrapping this enterprise, and we can’t do it without feedback and subscribers. All our resources are currently free and open, but purchasing a monthly or annual subscription ($7/$49) will help us grow stronger, faster. Plus, you’ll have more input into our future direction by becoming part of our community.

*Architects Russell and Rame Hruska*

Intexure Architects Rusty and Rame Hruska not only design custom modern homes and offices, they also invented a new way to build homes from pre-constructed modules, working more reliably, with less waste, and winning a Building Systems Award from the National Association of Home Builders for their startup Boxprefab.

What we’re creating for you

in Houston

You’re likely here because you invented something in Houston. Maybe it was a project, a business, a work of art, or a new technology. You solved a problem and made things better. At Creative Houston, we support people who make new things. We want to help them thrive in Houston.

Houston doesn’t get much credit as a creative city. The world doesn’t look here for great ideas. When creative people say they like living in Houston, outsiders are surprised.

Theresa Quintanilla at Bayou Bend
Theresa Quintanilla visiting Bayou Bend

At Creative Houston, we are exposing Houston’s creativity to the world and to ourselves. We keep track of its creative people, places and projects, and we try to introduce them around. We post short stories about them on this web site.

We hope you’ll point out more creative things to us, so we can add them to the web site. You can use it to explore Houston’s creativity. When you meet a skeptical outsider, you can send them here to learn.

We had a fancy online directory, but we couldn’t raise funds to keep it going. So now, we are grabbing our bootstraps, building a simpler site, and starting a new newsletter. We hope you will read it, share it, and buy a subscription at $5/month or $49/year. Only paid subscribers can comment and make suggestions. You don’t have to live in Houston to subscribe, but we’ll make you long to be here.

Our web site is puny now, so we could use your support. If you purchase the $49 newsletter subscription, we can showcase more of Houston’s creative professionals. We want to upgrade our tools and design. As our business grows, we hope to create events and a marketplace for things made in Houston.

Being in Houston, we get a lot of ideas. Please help us sort them out.