Sparks Spotted in March

Here are 6 more sparks of creative energy from Houston.

Living here drives us all to be more inventive. Not every spark lasts, but we all keep on coming up with new ideas and solutions.

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March 31, 2020

Chloe Dao

Facts every Houstonian should know about Chloe Dao: 1) her parents are Vietnamese but she grew up in Houston, 2) she won the 2nd season of Project Runway, and 3) her first original design was her senior prom dress. Also, she attended UH and HCC but finally graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Why she moved back to Houston: “I researched the retail scene for two years. I was noticing that Houston was finally getting big press in fashion magazines. The market was totally growing, and the fashion scene was growing a little bit more. I decided to move home and open my boutique. The concept of the boutique was a small New York boutique in Houston, Texas.”

Sara’s Inn

Built in 1898 and expanded in 1980, this striking Victorian bed and breakfast has long been the most popular in Houston. Sara’s is nestled in a walkable neighborhood only four miles from downtown, plus over 50 restaurants in a one-mile radius. Jihye and John Deveau have furnished it with plenty of Victorian style and modern amenities.

More Sparks sighted in Houston this February

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New Sparks for January

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Theresa Quintanilla visiting
The Printing Museum

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*Architects Russell and Rame Hruska*

Intexure Architects Rusty and Rame Hruska not only design custom modern homes and offices, they also invented a new way to build homes from pre-constructed modules, working more reliably, with less waste, and winning a Building Systems Award from the National Association of Home Builders for their startup Boxprefab.