*Catalina Coffee*

Max Gonzales invented a new business model for his Catalina Coffee shop and enriched the Houston coffee scene. Catering to coffee connoisseurs, the shop sits just west of downtown and attracts both office and creative professionals. Learn more of his story in a great interview by Katharine Shilcutt.


Tout Suite

Housed in an industrial space in East Downtown Houston, Tout Suite offers diverse seating for remote working or meeting friends. The sophisticated menu is eclectic and on trend. The macarons are legendary. Plus they offer excellent coffee drinks, beer and wine… and lots of good Instagram opportunities.

Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown began as a coffee roaster in 2011 and gradually opened three restaurants, two downtown and one in the nearby Heights neighborhood. The company is famous for their commitment to small-batch, high-quality coffee, elegant design, and a culture that encourages exploring and sharing coffee.

*EQ Heights*

EQ Heights is a social house and cafe nestled in a walkable Houston neighborhood full of historic homes. The cafe itself is a converted cottage, rebuilt by founder Kevin Blasini to provide soft natural light, wood surfaces, and a welcoming environment for meeting friends or working away from home.