Creative Houston, a Public Benefit Corporation

  • What are we creating for you?

    2019-11-15 by

    You are reading this message because you’ve invented something in Houston. Maybe it was a project, a business, a work of art, or a new technology. You solved a problem that made things better. Were people surprised you did it in Houston? Houston doesn’t get much credit as an engine of ingenuity. The world doesn’t… Read more

  • Morningstar

    2019-11-11 by

    Morningstar is one of the most carefully designed cafes in Houston, developed by coffee-shop innovator David Buehrer, with the help of a major Houston architect, John Zemanek. Zemanek, who passed away in 2016, helped David adapt the Japanese tearoom aesthetic to Houston’s affection for neighborhood coffee shops. At Morningstar, it’s easy to pick up a… Read more

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