New Sparks for January

Creative Houston is designed to support people who are generating new ideas, inventing new things, and starting new projects. Houston doesn’t get enough credit as a creative city. Our creative professionals need more recognition and resources in order to thrive.

Theresa Quintanilla visiting
The Printing Museum

At Creative Houston, we keep track of our metro area’s creative people, places, and projects. We want to introduce them to the whole world. Please point us to your discoveries. And share our work with anyone who wants to know Houston better.

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*Architects Russell and Rame Hruska*

Intexure Architects Rusty and Rame Hruska not only design custom modern homes and offices, they also invented a new way to build homes from pre-constructed modules, working more reliably, with less waste, and winning a Building Systems Award from the National Association of Home Builders for their startup Boxprefab.

*Houston Movers*

Luke Palder invented a new way to help people relocate. After completing an easy form, each customer gets quotes from multiple reputable moving services, and donates to help someone fleeing domestic violence.

In an interview with Creative Houston, Luke shares his vision and inspiration.

We support people moving to change jobs, students starting at a new university, and families looking for a good place to raise their kids, whether they’re moving within or out of Houston. …

[Our social mission] makes a difference for employees. Knowing we’re helping people in need is motivating, and the more our business succeeds, the more we can help. It’s a win-win. …

We see unique and innovative businesses and ideas popping up all over the city, and it’s a big source of inspiration. We wanted to do our own thing in Houston, building on what Houston’s creative scene offers.

Luke Palder, December 10, 2019

*The Sam Houston Hotel*

The Sam Houston Hotel opened in 1924 and now resides on the National Register of Historic Places. A few blocks from the downtown theater district, it nods to history while offering all the modern conveniences. Its public spaces, including the rooftop event space Veranda and The Pearl restaurant, are famous for exceptional service.

*EQ Heights*

EQ Heights is a social house and cafe nestled in a walkable Houston neighborhood full of historic homes. The cafe itself is a converted cottage, rebuilt by founder Kevin Blasini to provide soft natural light, wood surfaces, and a welcoming environment for meeting friends or working away from home.