*Houston Movers*

Luke Palder invented a new way to help people relocate. After completing an easy form, each customer gets quotes from multiple reputable moving services, and HoustonMovers.com donates to help someone fleeing domestic violence.

In an interview with Creative Houston, Luke shares his vision and inspiration.

We support people moving to change jobs, students starting at a new university, and families looking for a good place to raise their kids, whether they’re moving within or out of Houston. …

[Our social mission] makes a difference for employees. Knowing we’re helping people in need is motivating, and the more our business succeeds, the more we can help. It’s a win-win. …

We see unique and innovative businesses and ideas popping up all over the city, and it’s a big source of inspiration. We wanted to do our own thing in Houston, building on what Houston’s creative scene offers.

Luke Palder, December 10, 2019