Our Creative Houston web site is built on the WordPress platform, which was developed into a major web technology by Houston native Matt Mullenweg.

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Mullenweg’s view of Houston:

I’ve been all over the world I think Houston is a really special city. It’s a great place to live. It’s a great place to raise a family. And I think that is important. If you look at the places that people are starting to flock to now – entrepreneurs are fleeing San Francisco and the Bay Area there – they’re going to places the great quality of life. And I would put Houston above Austin there.

Houston Chronicle: WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg’s distributed company is neither here nor there – it’s everywhere, 2019-Mar-22 by Dwight Silverman

Houston’s a much more dynamic city [than Austin]. And now I think we have better food, better arts, better music. Austin is great but I think Houston is under-appreciated. And personally, I choose it.


So I think if we continue to focus on making Houston just a great city, particularly as companies become more more distributed – meaning that people can work from anywhere – I think we’ll see more hiring happening in the Houston area. Hopefully, more companies can get started here as well.


What Matt Mullenweg says about being creative in Houston:

“Some of the first money I made was building websites for musicians around [Houston],” he said…. Now, millions of musicians all over the world use WordPress to publish their own websites.

Houston Chronicle: WordPress founder finds inspiration in his hometown of Houston, 2016-Sep-28 by Anita Hassan

“When you think of what open source is, it’s a community coming together to create something and then giving it away to the rest of the community,” he said. “Growing up, I saw so much of that in Houston.”


“I think that power and creativity comes from diversity,” he said. “So having friends from all different walks of life who were at HSPVA, being surrounded by people who were passionate about things, all of that combined. The melting pot or the gumbo of Houston, I couldn’t imagine growing up in a better place, and that’s one of the things I love returning to.”